Saturday, August 22, 2009

Adding Glitter to Crepe Paper

I just love the way glitter give crepe paper some sparkle. My favorite glitter is by Martha Stewart and can be bought at Michaels. When I first started putting glitter on crepe paper I had a real mess, the glue was everywhere and the glitter was very uneven- it really looked crappy !
But then I found this great tutorial by Thrifty Goodness. Her directions and pictures make this so much simpler and easier to do. So grab so crepe paper and a little glitter and glue and get busy crafting.


Anonymous said...

Great blog....I really want to know how to do the crepe paper and glitter thing but couldn't get the link to come up. Any suggestions?? Thanks so much, Sandy

Terri said...

I'd love to learn how too! I couldn't get that link to come up either.

Debbie- Two Old Crows ( said...

Links is fixed just scroll down the page

Anonymous said...

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