Sunday, August 16, 2009

Paper Mache Pumpkins

I love the old vintage jack o lanterns from the 1930s but when pricing them in antique shops and ebay found them to be way out of my price range. But you can make them very simple at home with a few very inexpensive items many of them you probably already have. Just a warning once you start these become very addictive.

Old newspapers torn into 1" to 2" strips ( by tearing instead of cutting you will not get as many rough edges)

For the paste:
2 cups water
1 cup flour
½ cup white glue
A balloon for each one you want to make
Acrylic paint- color you wish you pumpkin to be
White tissue paper and markers for face
Sponge brush and other paint brushes for details
Exacto knife


Inflate your balloon to the desired size you wish your jack-o-lantern to be and tie a string at the mouth piece this is so you can hang it up to let it dry

Mix the water, flour and white glue to make a paste and then dip your newspaper scraps into it. Remove the excess paste by running the scrap through your fingers.

Cover the ballon entirely with these scraps for two to three layers.

When completely covered hang up by the string until completely dry

When the paper mache is completely dry pop the balloon. It will shrivel up and pull away from the paper mache. To make the jack o lantern stand up crush in the bottom

With and exacto knife cut a circle at the top for the opening

Draw and face on the jack o lantern and then cut with an exacto knife

Paint the jack-o-lantern with acrylic paint the traditional old ones are orange on the outside and yellow on the inside. If you wish it to look older after the paint dries antique with some brown shoe polish.

Caution do not use real candles in these they are highly inflammable

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