Thursday, August 20, 2009

Rusting Items

I received an email about rusting items. I think the main problem that most people have at home when rusting pins, bells, etc. is that they lack patience. It is important that you give the items time enough to soak in the solution and time enough to dry. This recipe will nicely rust safety pins, jingle bells, or anything else you want to

1/2 cup cider vinegar
1/2 cup bleach1 teaspoon salt

Directions :Combine the ingredients in an old quart jar.Add items you want to rust and cover loosely - place in a safe spot and let set for at least 2 days.Line a tray with a couple of layers of paper towel and remove the items with an old fork from the mixture. place in the sunshine .......the items will begin to rust as they dry. Move them around so that they dry on all sides.Perfectly rusted bells, pins, and any other item you wish to rust.

Caution: do not throw the mixture down the sink- dispose of properly where no animal or child could come in contact with.


The Speckled Goose said...

Can you save the mixture or do you have to make a new batch each time you need some? Thanks for the info.

Debbie- Two Old Crows ( said...

I would definitely not save this solution - it very toxic